Funny TV programme schedule for BeebTV

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Today, 4th December 2023


05:30 Breakfast news News / political programme
08:30 Political boredom News / political programme
10:30 Get your balls out of my court Documentary
11:00 Where's there's danger there's adventure Documentary
12:00 Lunchtime news News / political programme
12:30 Sunday Sports Sport
13:30 Lolsers Documentary
15:30 Legs that tell the time Current / consumer affairs
16:00 'Ten for that? You must be mad!' Auction show
16:30 The Grape Pretender Food / drink show
17:30 The clue is in the title Cartoon
18:00 Evening news News / political programme
18:45 Local news News / political programme
19:00 Sit the hell down Documentary
19:30 Things people find between their toes Hospital drama
20:30 I ain't Comedy Series
21:00 If it's in my pants drawer, am I forced to wear it? Crime / Murder mystery Series
21:30 Night news News / political programme
22:00 Hope springs Comedy Series
22:30 My car and where I parked it Documentary
23:15 A shard in the eye for old Larsen Crime / Murder mystery Series
00:15 How do famous authors write such shit? Documentary
01:00 Wet wipes: a tale of woe Documentary
01:30 Buzz Crime / Murder mystery Series

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