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Today, 4th June 2020


05:30 Breakfast news News / political programme
09:00 It's grim up north Home improvement show
09:45 Surf's down, dude Soap
10:15 I couldn't eat my dinner, but I would like some pudding Kids show
10:30 Exciting Fun with Poo Bear Kids show
11:00 I ate it all in one sitting Food / drink show
11:30 You know it's fresh when it cries on you Food / drink show
12:00 Lunchtime news News / political programme
12:30 Killer bee robots from Eastern Europe Science Fiction Series
13:30 Old man and his cart Auction show
14:15 Cook with whatever's left in your fridge Food / drink show
15:00 The odds aren't good but we still prevail every damned episode Science Fiction Series
15:30 I was proud of my designing skills 'til you came along Home improvement show
16:00 Play me that record again, I might recognise the tune Quiz show
17:00 Tears of a Clown Quiz show
17:30 Slags n Sluts Soap
18:00 Evening news News / political programme
18:45 Local news News / political programme
19:00 Friends who are fat don't let fat friends eat fat Soap
20:00 Buck Fuddies Reality show
21:00 Wet wipes: a tale of woe Documentary
21:30 Night news News / political programme
22:00 Dance like yo legs is on fire! Music
23:00 Get your balls out of my court Documentary
23:30 Kill the geek Reality show
00:30 Dance like yo legs is on fire! Music
01:30 Understanding irony Documentary

Given Time, by Paul London

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