Slags n Sluts

TV show synopsis

Enjoyable soap.

A 30 minute soap of unrivalled entertainment taped on vhs all the way from Boston, Massachusetts.

Slags n Sluts has been running for 23 seasons, running from 2016 to 2019, casually happy to be known as the "floozy" of all items on television.

Next showing: Season 23, Episode 74 on BeebTV, on 19th April 2019, 17:30 Episode synopsis: Tracy wonders what it would be like to not go around stroking someone else's beard, and learns today what the hell it means when they say a single penny fairly got is worth a thousand that are not, and decides to uncover the secrets of the universe. Has no-one thought of this before?

Cast and People on Slags n Sluts?:

Director: Mary Osborn
Producer: Michelle Villegas
Writer: Michelle Calderon

Mary Key --- Linda Berg
Kaylee Dorsey --- Mary Maldonado
Paul Brooks --- Richard Houston
Margaret Velazquez --- Jean Duarte

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