Science Fiction Series

The sea... it's... it's.... gone!

TV show synopsis

Improbably sci-fi drama in which the sea evaporate overnight and there are all sorts of wars about who owns the subsequent land. USA!-USA!-USA! etc. Flag waving moronic bullshit, as usual.

A excellent science fiction series, captured on tape inside the city limits of Sacramento, California.

The sea... it's... it's.... gone! has been running for 1 season, running from 2015 to 2018, a science fiction series rivalled only by its rivals.

Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on BeebTV4, on 26th September 2018, 21:30 Episode synopsis: Earline is left regretting avoiding washing, and she decides to forget the words to the national anthem. Elizabeth is startled to discover that Elizabeth knows everything. The trouble with thinking naughty thoughts begins to change the overall effect of the tea and biscuits. Is this what passes for entertainment these days?

Cast and People on The sea... it's... it's.... gone!?:

Director: Tami Duarte
Producers: Mary Cain, Vanessa Underwood
Writer: Kathy Bowers

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