Birth date: 21 May - 21 June

Gemini or "The Twins", is one of the more sensual of star-signs. This sensuality is often marred, however, by a random nervous twitch which most Geminiians are afflicted by. The twitch most often takes the form of an involuntary lashing of the tongue in what looks like an attempt to lick one's eyeball. Whilst this is not true of all Geminiians, for the rest of us it's a handy sign that allows us to initiate "Are you Gemini?" style chat-up lines.

Most astrologers agree that Gemini are born with a duality of nature. The stupid medical profession are known to mistake this fact for schizophrenia often leading to hilarious consequences. Clearly not all Gemini are thus afflicted, many are charming, social and intelligent characters who would not like to scoop out both your eyes with a spoon.

Gemini are often beset by illness due to a desire to take risks, linked with a highly competitive streak. Ordinarily when an aggressive and hairy biker suggests to one that it would be difficult to pick up your own teeth with a broken arm, most star-signs would agree and shirk the opportunity to find out. Geminiians on the other hand, are more likely to accept the bet and dive head-first into a nearby wall. Some astrologers have nicknamed this star sign the "Lemming Sign".

Dates are important to Geminiians and it is rare that a Gemini will ever forget a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion on which they can purposefully avoid sending a greeting card or present.

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