Birth date: 23 July - 22 August

Here we attempt to explain and give information about the star sign "Leo". Of course, this being Laughsend, we've done so in a funny way which we hope you find humorous. Please read the following as a funny way of looking at the zodiac and your particular star-sign. View information about other signs of the zodiac

The leo is a crafty lover, often saying one thing whilst thinking another (double-dealing, or back-stabbing), the leo is not to be trusted until you have broken down the outer wall which protects him. Leo's strength comes from holding his cards very much to his chest and whilst there is a soft layer underneath (like chewy caramel), the facade that most of us see is one that is tough (like a brick or stone).

Historically Leo has always been associated with greatness. Many of history's most powerful figures were born in Leo and, whilst ultimately they died (as we all must, you see) their legacy often lives on. Famous leos include: Patrick Swayze, Napoleon and Jerry Falwell.

Mentally Leo is a little hard of learning, often requiring more detailed explanations of simple things that most other star-signs easily grasp (which means "understand"). They also tend to need the toilet more often than most and are usually born with a bladder weakness that can affect them throughout their entire lives.

Given Time, by Paul London

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