Birth date: 23 September - 23 October

Librans are sometimes known to go in for wife/husband swapping, and "swinging" appears to be a popular activity amongst librans. Stopping the libran from being so liberal with his/her body can sometimes be a chore. Chains and ropes are likely to help in the short-run, but that's because they like the idea of dressing up and S&M.

Generally Librans are against things, which can make them pretty miserable and at the same time fairly interesting. Until they become tiresome. Other star-signs are known to feel about Librans that they're a "bit like my dad" when it comes to opinions.

Humiliation or embarrassment is not in a Libran's lexicon. Nor is "goat" or "leprechaun" - it's a bizarre-but-true blind spot with your average Libran.

Danger is around every corner for the Libran, and whilst it is usually a paranoia and not true at all, the Libran finds it very difficult to turn off that worried side of their persona. Which is understandable, really, because as far as we can tell, everyone is out to get them. However, paranoia only gets the Libran to stay, trapped forever, in the house - not a great problem in itself. No, it's more what drives him to shudder in the cupboard that remains a mystery.

The libran is disposed to walking naked around his/her dwelling, irrespective of the other members of the household's view or opinions. Interestingly, the Libran is also against the concept of curtains, which leads to the statistic that 94% of all librans have been arrested for "exposure".

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In the ironically immortal words of the Mortal Kombat voiceover guy: Finish Him! Jail sentences between 5 and 10 year......

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