Birth date: 22 November - 21 December

Sagittarius is a star-sign that is well thought of amongst other zodiac signs. Well to do, intelligent and fit, are some words used to describe Sagittarians, for they are a formibable bunch.

Sagittarians are well known for their eloquence and plain speaking. Unfortunately, 4% of Sagittarians also suffer from tourettes syndrome, which can be a very bad combination for those who don't like hearing swears. However, most Sagittarians are excellent orators and are usually called upon to create the kinds of speeches that have gone down in history. In particular, Bill Pullman's Independence Day speech in the blockbuster film Independence Day is a stunning reminder to all sagittarians about "how it is done".

Whenever possible, Sagittarians have an astrological duty to blame Aries for all its troubles. Some astrologers will encourage you to "cake" an Aries whenever viable, and if possible, always have a cake on hand just in case. Historically, these warring constellations have had a star formation between the two them, in the shape of a cake. Some astrologers think it looked more like a bat.

Sagittarius are likely to be least offended when you mistake them for an aging rockstar, and most sagitarians are pleased that you noticed them at all.

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