Birth date: 23 August - 22 September

Virgo, "The Virgin", can be far from virginal and is often extremely outgoing, forthcoming and giving. Virgos are often found in the limelight, seeking attention and fame. However, all this comes at a price because Virgo are also the least well-to-do of the star signs, often impoverished and to be found lying on the streets in their own vomit and cheap booze. Virgo will always be up for any challenge but find themselves pushed too hard, too often and eventually burn out.

Virgo also enjoys gambling and is fortunate to not have too many possessions or money to waste on frivolity. Virgo is at least as lucky as unlucky.

Virgos are fair minded but irrational regarding certain things like war and peace, or fact and fiction. This duality of nature is similar to that of Geminii except for the rabid foaming-at-the-mouth kind of behaviour that you tend to see in Gemini if you happen to eat the last chocolate in the box.

Virgo are one of the most attractive star-signs, exuding a glow that deep-sea creatures would envy. Except that deep-sea creatures are very ugly of course, and Virgins are beautiful. Yes, glad that's clear.

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