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A defiant Jeremy Corbyn had to be physically removed from the Labour headquarters after having his ass handed to him in a vote of confidence.

Two security guards were seen escorting the kicking and screaming lackey through the buildings hallways, before manhandling him down the stairs and into the gutter.

This is by no means the first time Mr. Corbyn has been kicked out of office. He was also ousted from the Soviet Politbureau, for being too red, some years back and exactly how far the former Labour leader is willing to go to maintain his position became clear when he tried to sneak back into the premisses a few hours later disguised as a member of the buildings maintenance team.

Laughsend decided to recall star-reporter, Bubba Rothschild, from his vacation in Raqqa, so he could cover this breaking story for us. And he soon got a statement from a key witness. The witness have asked to remain anonymous, why we wont name the former Danish prime-ministers husband by name in this article.

“Disguise and disguise.” snorts the middle-aged and extremely well-groomed man. “All he did was turning his well-worn jacket inside out so it looked like a janitor coat. Very convincing look though. Had he not been caught sweeping the floor using the wrong end of a broom; he’d probably still be in there doing god knows what.”

Mr. Corbyn was apprehended a second time and whisked away to an undisclosed mental institution, where he is slowly making progress and reportedly even has signed up for a beginners class in western democracy.


Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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Given Time, by Paul London

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