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Michael Bay: Taco Tuesday Just Got a Whole Lot Crazier With Transformers 6!

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The announcement of Transformers 6 featuring robots that turn into sentient tacos has caused waves of excitement and confusion among moviegoers. While some are excited to see their favorite transforming characters in a new and food-focused light, others are left scratching their heads.

"I mean, I love tacos as much as the next guy, but this seems a little far-fetched," said local resident Mark Johnson. "Are we really supposed to believe that tacos can transform into robots and save the world?"

Bay, known for his bombastic and explosive filmmaking style, seems confident in the idea. "It's all about embracing the absurd," he explained in an interview. "If we can get audiences to believe that giant robots can transform into cars, then we can certainly get them to believe that tacos can transform into robots."

The movie is set to feature a diverse cast of transforming tacos, including the suave and debonair Carne Asada, the fiery and hot-headed Jalapeno, and the quirky and lovable Queso.

"I'm excited to show off our new talents," said Jalapeno in a statement. "I may be spicy, but I bring the heat in battle."

Some fans are already coming up with their own catchphrases for the new taco robots, including "It's taco time!" and "Let's taco 'bout it later!"

While the concept may be a departure from the usual action-packed Transformer films, Bay is confident that audiences will be entertained. "Sometimes you just have to spice things up," he said with a wink.

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