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A Disgruntled Letter-writer takes Newspaper to task for misprinting his letters

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The Editor,

The Simpleton's Daily,

123 Nowhere Lane,


Dear Sir,

I am a regular contributor of letters to your Newspaper and I am usually quite satisfied whenever I see my articles published. That said, I don't know whether it's you or whoever is publishing my letters that is suffering from an eye condition or if your glasses need changing because there are times when I write something or make a vital point, that it usually gets misprinted. I will give you a few actual examples of this.

On one occasion I wrote: "President Donald Trump is trying his best." You wrote: "President Donald Trump is a lying pest." I said: "His daughter Ivanka I incessantly adore." You said: "His daughter Ivanka is an incestuous whore." I stated: "First Lady Melania has a pretty face." You stated: "First Lady Melania is a big disgrace." I wrote: "Illegal Immigrants are assets whether we like them or not." You wrote: "Illegal Immigrants are asses and should be rounded up and shot." I mentioned: "The GOP is the party for everyone and tries to do what is right." You mentioned: "The GOP is the party for everyone as long as they are white."

But the biggest shocker was when, on one occasion I stated: "Hillary works well with Huma and the latter should be her running mate should she go up for President again in 2020." You wrote: "Hillary works over Huma and they love getting intimate because it brings them great ecstasy."


Disgruntled Letter-writer

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