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Alexa Bliss savagely beaten by Nia Jax

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A report coming out of the WWE says that RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss was savagely beaten by her one-time best friend Nia Jax in the dressing room on Monday night and had to be hospitalized. The attack on Bliss came minutes after she lost a bout to Asuka and she was in the dressing-room ill-speaking Nia with Mickie James. Unknown to Bliss though, the microphone was on and the camera in the room was recording her as she and James were making fun of Nia's appearance and referred to her as a "loser" and being "just as dumb as she is big."

One witness to the incident - a young lady who insisted on not being named said:

"Alexa was in the dressing-room chilling and speaking with Mickie James about Nia and referred to her as a "loser" and being"just as dumb as she is big." Unfortunately she wasn't aware of the fact that the microphone and camera was on and Nia saw and heard every ill-word that Alexa had spoken about her."

She continued:

"When the room-assistant informed Alexa that the camera and microphone was on the whole time and that Nia saw and heard everything that she said, she started to panic and was asking Mickie for help but Mickie informed her that she was on her own and before I could blink Nia had broken down the door. I tried to plead with her to spare Alexa, but she was having none of it. She managed to get passed me and come at Alexa. Alexa tried to defend herself as best she could by taking a swing at Nia but it was futile. Nia was just too strong and she blocked her punch with ease and counter-punched Alexa with a vicious blow to the mouth. Alexa fell down with the force and some of her teeth were knocked out. Blood was running from her mouth and she was left on a daze on the floor."

She went on:

"Nia then picked up Alexa from the floor, held her over her head and slammed her hard against a table which broke in half. I could have sworn that her back was broken too. I was virtually impossible to stop Nia. Alexa was in tears of despair and utter fear and I was worried for her life. I had to leave the room to get help. I went to get two male wrestlers to prevent Nia from literally killing Alexa. I came back into the room with Brock and John and they uh… no pun intended, wrestled Nia to the ground. Alexa was out cold on the floor and someone went to get the medical personnel nearby. I don't know who called the cops but they came a few minutes later too. When the paramedics arrived Alexa was rushed to the hospital. Nia was arrested for assault and battery with intent to do grievous bodily harm."

She concluded:

"So all those people out there in TV land who are under the false impression that WWE is fake, please educate yourself. It isn't. Nia and Alexa proved that tonight much to the latter's dismay."

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