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Black girl accused of cultural appropriation after posting YouTube videos of herself doing ballet

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A black girl has been accused of cultural appropriation by racist white YouTubers after posting videos of herself doing ballet. The girl who is 17 years old and who goes by the YouTube name Ebony Empress uploaded the videos to her channel on Thursday evening and initially got positive reviews. Everything changed in a matter twenty-four hours though, as certain commentators took umbrage to the fact that European culture was being "appropriated."

One commentator going by the YouTube name Becky the Beautiful Blonde said:

"This is utterly atrocious. A black girl doing ballet? What a blatant mockery of European culture. Doesn't she know that this is an exclusively European dance? That's why the dancers are typically white and are usually immaculately dressed in white tutus and there is no booty-shaking involved. Was she kicked out of the twerking club that's why she had to appropriate my people's culture? Just imagine we whites can't have anything that is exclusively ours now."

Another commentator going by the name European Renaissance 2017 responded:

"I agree with you Becky. Blacks and other minorities are always appropriating our culture. We whites can't have anything that we can call our own. Ebony Empress? Who is she supposed to be? "Black royalty"? LMAO."

The racially-charged comments generated nothing but negative feedback from fellow YouTubers. Thankfully, the accounts of both offending parties have since been terminated for violation of the website's community guidelines.

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