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Chelsea Lately to be replaced by Youtube clips of animals

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Popular US late-night comedy talk show Chelsea Lately produced a stunning finale last night, and already the talk is about exactly what, long term, is set to replace it. Chelsea Lately, hosted by funny person Chelsea Handler, was said to be "suffering" from dropping viewing figures due to increases in online programming and YouTube starlets. In light of this, executives have decided to cancel the incredibly popular show and replace it with clips of animals taken directly from online Google-owned channel YouTube.

"It's a baffling decision," said everyone except the executives. "Nobody will deny that YouTube, America's Funniest Home Video Lols, and other TV shows of that nature, certainly have their place - but decent conversation with relevant human beings is getting increasingly rare."

Laughsend understands that Chelsea Handler is leaving host channel E! because of contract expiration, but it is the choice of replacement show that many have still taken to Twitter to discuss.

"It's like losing a scrotum while trying to open up a pickle jar. It makes no damn sense but it hurts like hell."

"I thought this was about the London football club. Sucks to be not American, I guess."

"I wish I was an English muffin. That would make the most out of a toaster..."

E! executives who are replacing the show are said to be content with their choice of replacement title, and this quote from an executive for another business completely unrelated but still somehow worth mentioning:

"It's pretty self-explanatory," said Florence Roland, shareholder at something show-business. "We don't really rate talent all that highly when it cuts into our budget, so we increasingly put in place dogs, cats - pretty much any other mammal - in place of real people. They cost slightly less, and are a heck of a lot less messy in the bathroom department."

The new YouTube clip show, tentatively titled "Whoops! The cat jumped but missed lol!" is set to air within a few weeks.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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Given Time, by Paul London

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