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The celebrity wedding of the century of Kimothy and Kanye has exposed the latest amazing celebrity craze - the giving of magic trees. The cardboard cut out, that makes your car smell slightly less like your feet, has become the latest unlikely item to be given the high status of must-have celebregift. Thousands were presented to the showbiz couple at their wedding ceremony that took place in the Bronx region of New York.

Although many of the items given were Magic Trees, some party-goers used other less well known and potentially inferior brands. In either case a vast array of smells were available to the newlywed couple, ranging from apple blossom, to new car smell. And what will they do with their gifts? Well, scientists have suggested a number of different possible uses for the items, including:

  • To make your car smell nice
  • As an alternative to odour-eaters
  • Inserted into the hole of an acoustic guitar to give a nice 'rattle' and smell
  • For birds to make post-modernist nests
  • Roughage

Other brands of smelly tree-shaped cardboard cut outs that reduce car odours are available.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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Given Time, by Paul London

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