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Donald Trump's $5.7bn Wall Fund game show - Where's My Wig?

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A White House spokesperson revealed that US president, Donald Trump, has a new initiative to raise the $5.7bn he wants for his Mexican border wall.

He will take part in a brand new game show called Where's My Wig? in which contestants will compete to find Donald Trump's wig.

The contestants will consist of five couples representing the United States' population - one couple from the west coast, one from the east, a couple of rednecks from the south, a Puerto Rican couple and, to show there's no hard feelings, a Mexican couple.

Each show will take place in a famous America location. Already earmarked are the White House, the Pentagon, a nuclear submarine. Area 51, and the Pumpkin World Museum.

The five couples will meet Donald Trump who will then hide his wig in the location. Cameras will follow the couples as they search for it.

Viewers phone in and bet on which couple will find the wig with profits from losing bets going to Trump's Mexican wall fund.

Trials of the program, held in secret and without Donald Trump, have proved successful although the fact that the Mexican couples won all the games has promoted top executives to rethink the format.

An insider, who did not want to be named, said: "They considered replacing the Mexicans with Native Americans but they were worried about their tracking skills so they may stick with the Mexicans. At least 29% of Hispanics voted for him. A bit like Turkeys voting for Thanksgiving, if you ask me." He hugged his cardigan and shuffled off.

Where's My Wig? is scheduled to air next month as a Special on the Fox News channel with unbiased reporting the following day on CNN.

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#1 @ 4 years ago
by amadeus7 - Ghost

Nothing will stop me reading more on this site, but this came close. If I give you too too many money, will you go away? :(.

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