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Michael Moore to direct Castro Biopic

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The recent passing of Fidel Castro after a long illness has left many in Hollywood stunned and deeply saddened. As a tribute to the late Cuban Dictator, Michael Moore has said that he plans to make a biopic of the deceased former leader. In an interview with Hollywood Today, Moore was high in praise of Castro.

"Castro will stand out as one of the greatest leaders ever to grace the planet. The way he stood up to the evil imperialists the United States and the way he controlled his Cuban people and silenced those who dared to defy him is a testament to the type of strong character that he was. He is definitely a great inspiration to many young progressives and the world had truly lost a wonderful man. This latest film project which I am about to embark on is my personal tribute to him."

The controversial Director and Author concluded the interview by saying that shooting for the movie which is simply called Fidel will begin next spring with a release date carded for August 2017. Sean Penn is set to play the title role.

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#1 @ 8 months ago
by Al-Sawyer7 - One-off wonder

i have a feeling i'm not the true audience for this.

1 comment, registered 2 years ago

I didnt not UN-hte this.

2 comments, registered 2 years ago
#3 @ 8 months ago
by James @ NMU - Writer

How droll. :(.

4 comments, registered 1 year ago
#4 @ 8 months ago
by Foot-Spoon - One-off wonder

shite. this is sheer idiocy.

1 comment, registered 2 years ago
#5 @ 8 months ago
by swim_hole - Ghost

Al-Sawyer7 wrote

i have a feeling i'm not the true audience for this.


10 comments, registered 2 years ago

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