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Spike Lee to direct new Cleopatra Movie

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Director Spike Lee is set to direct a new Cleopatra movie. In an interview with US magazine Mr. Lee spoke about how excited he was about his latest project.

" Well as you know there have been lots of lies that’s been told for years about what Cleopatra actually looked like. Only common sense can tell you that Cleopatra looked like a sista. Do you really think that Cleo really looked like Vivien Leigh or that other bitch Elizabeth Taylor? How da' hell could a melanin-deficient white woman survive that brutal Egyptian sun? Cleopatra was a black woman. Egypt is in Africa. What type of people do you expect to see in Africa? I am really excited because at least people will know the truth for a change. "

Told by reporter Becky Klingenberg that Cleopatra was a descendant Alexander the Great's General Ptolemy and that she ruled during the Ptolemaic Dynasty - a Macedonian Greek family, Mr. Lee had this response:

" Do you really expect me to believe anything you crackas tell me? Everybody knows how you people lie about everything and that you always try to manipulate history. You people are so shameless. You people want everyone to believe that Jesus was white, Cleopatra was white. You even portrayed Moses as white on the big screen - twice. Do you really think that Moses looked like Christian Bale or Carlton, Charlton or whatever that dead white guy's name is? "

Mr. Lee further went on to explain that shooting for the movie which is called Cleo Had a Fro' will begin in Egypt in the fall and that Whoopi Goldberg is set to play the title role. Ted Danson will play Mark Antony.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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by rolling stones1969 - One-off wonder

I thought it was weird. Now listen here you little dicks...

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Given Time, by Paul London

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