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Comment from: Valentina Shevchenko calls Amanda Nunes a "big coward" for backing out of UFC 213 title fight

#4 @ 3 years ago
by Cornelia-Wiley - Ghost

arthur ransome wrote

simon-d7 wrote



There is nothing more offputting than people spouting about things they clearly know nothing about. I don't really understand... and yet I do understand. :)


3 comments, registered 4 years ago

Comment from: Syrian refugees in Germany lauded for helping lost little girl in mall

#5 @ 3 years ago
by Cornelia-Wiley - Ghost

EggDotterel7 wrote

Have a feeling this sort of piece of work might just take over my entire life. :.

loved it.

3 comments, registered 4 years ago

Comment from: Saudi Arabia to stream public executions and floggings

#2 @ 4 years ago
by Cornelia-Wiley - Ghost

nest_goldfish911 wrote


I thought it was curious. Excllent! A masterpiece.

3 comments, registered 4 years ago
Given Time, by Paul London

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