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Comment from: Mexican President: Allowing Honduran migrants into our country is our duty as Latin Americans

#7 @ 7 months ago
by jailicicle7 - Ghost

S Church1 wrote

fyodor dostoyevsky wrote

Matumayini wrote


Oh for the love of jimbo. :)

There's something in here that intrigues me... and I think it's how on earth anyone can witnessed it without dying from boredom.

I hate this kind of god-awful, so just accept that I'm true, dickwads.

3 comments, registered 5 years ago

Comment from: Pope Francis hits out at media's veneration of the Easter Bunny around this time of year

#13 @ 2 years ago
by jailicicle7 - Ghost

S Church1 wrote

cap lamp wrote

lorettalutz777 wrote

Moyer7 wrote

meal_drum wrote

jane austen125 wrote

This is the most excellenest bollocks I've ever seen. Ha! X)

Nice work, funny type person.

Adequate write up, but marred by superficial errors that make the majority of it barely readable. :(.

What a waste of everyone's time, effort and energy. Dump.

I did not not UN-detest this. This rocks my world.

How laugh-out-loud. Funny. :)

This whole idea is stolen. :(.

3 comments, registered 5 years ago

Comment from: Lottery winner gives full winnings to charity; immediately regrets decision

#6 @ 5 years ago
by jailicicle7 - Ghost

edge_turn111 wrote

amelie wrote

nothing will stop me reading more on this site, but this came close. this whole idea is stolen frm elsewhere.

Super meh. Sometime's I write thing's on the internet.

I can't agree more with this.


3 comments, registered 5 years ago

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