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Comment from: Nicco Montano promises to knock out Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 228

#1 @ 1 year ago
by key g245 - Ghost

This isn't just garbage, it's offensive garbage. Im furious that people have to see shite like this. :(.

3 comments, registered 3 years ago

Comment from: Marine Le Pen warns compatriots ahead of Bastille Day celebrations and the World Cup final; criticizes racial makeup of French National Football team

#1 @ 2 years ago
by key g245 - Ghost

You know when you turn on the radio and there are song lyrics in your head... that's like this moment.

3 comments, registered 3 years ago

Comment from: Swedish woman arrested and charged with hate crime after stabbing immigrant to death

#1 @ 2 years ago
by key g245 - Ghost

If I give you plenty of money, will you go away? I want someone to brand the author's * with the word 'dickhead' as punishment for this.

3 comments, registered 3 years ago
Given Time, by Paul London

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