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Marine Le Pen warns compatriots ahead of Bastille Day celebrations and the World Cup final; criticizes racial makeup of French National Football team

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On one of the biggest weekends in France this year, the leader of the Far Right National Rally, Marine Le Pen is warning citizens to be wary and stay indoors in order to stay safe because terrorists may use the occasion to carry on attacks on innocent citizens in public places.

Writing on her Facebook page, Le Pen said:

"My dear fellow French citizens, and by French citizens I mean specifically those who look ethnically French-European. As you know, this weekend is going to be one of the biggest weekends in France for a long time. Not only will be celebrating Bastille Day tomorrow July 14th but on Sunday our National Football team will be playing in the World Cup final for the third time in our history."

She continued:

"I know that I will probably receive a lot of flak for saying this and I will also be called a "racist", but frankly speaking, the fact of the matter is that the truth typically offends people. But I must warn my fellow ethnic French brothers and sisters to please stay away from all public gatherings of Bastille Day celebrations and large public showings of the World Cup final for you own safety and protection. Every year, for what seems like eternity, there have been several terrorist attacks all over Western Europe. Especially in our beloved France. If it's not our people getting blown up, they are deliberately being mowed down by motor vehicles, If it's not the latter, they are being stabbed or having their throats slit or being shot dead. Does anyone want a repeat of what happened back in 2016?"

She went on:

"How many more of our ethnic, indigenous European brothers and sisters must be sacrificed on the altar of DIEVERSITY until we say that enough is enough? And speaking of diversity, has anyone noticed the racial composition of the French National Football team which is in Russia right now? Why do so many of the players look non-European? Did the Japanese team look non-Japanese? Did the Nigerian team look non-Nigerian? So why do so many of the so-called French players look non-French?"

She concluded:

"The French public will probably call me a bigot and make the point that this multi-racial team is the reason why we are doing so well at the World Cup in the first place. Well if that's the case, then why is it that are we playing the very ethnically-European Croatian team in the final on Sunday and not the English team which is also multi-racial?"

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