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Disney not a Scottish word

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Disney and the country of Scotland have today released a joint announcement declaring that the word "Disney" is not the same as the word "Disnae", in an apparent attempt to firmly distance themselves following a series of online debates about who stole the word from whom. The homophones [Ed: Can we say that? Lawyer up, people] have been brought into question recently upon Disney's purchase of several Scottish islands that they allegedly obtained for filming purposes. Some, however, have suggested a more sinister reason:

"It seems clear to me," said Angus McGriffin, who wanted us to know he was entirely sober. "that these Disney b***ards are planning a coup to steal away our country. They've already stolen our word for Disnae, and I think they're coming for more! I blame the British government: nanny state loving, oil stealing, money grubbing, backstabbing, baby kissing, leather wearing, funny looking[...] wan**rs"

Walt Disney, who (didn't; myth) famously froze himself in the hope that one day technology would advanced enough to be able to create people flavoured ice-pops, declared a firm interest in the Celtic wonderland that is Scotland, once declaring it the "finest thing to drape over a naked ice cube". In this extract from his memoirs, he extols the beauty of the country:

"In parts an ever-loving soft and gentle glow, in others a crystal clear utopia of home and hope. Scotch[land] is to me the finest export the world has ever seen, and want to be embalmed within it."

Mickey was unavailable for comment.

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