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Mario Kart 8 DLC to teach reverse parking

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Nintendo's new DownLoadable Content (DLC) is set to arrive over the course of the next few years (and possibly decades), and one particular DLC is causing a great deal of excitement in the Mario Kart 8 world - reverse parking.

The DLC in question is one of Nintendo's first ever forays into the world of downloadable addons for its games, and Mario Kart 8 players and supporters are in for a real treat - a real-time visually accurate reverse parking simulator. Nintendo spokesperson Alan Ramkin told us:

"It's a real first for us, and we're very excited by it. We know that gamers have recently embraced whole swathes of reality gaming, including the quite wonderful Goat Simulator. We've taken their hopes and dreams on board and created this reverse parking simulator for our racing game."

The hope is that by combining more real-life skills into video technologies, gamers will become less morally repugnant and more capable of interacting with the real world.

"Gamers are an unusual breed, in that they lack basic social awareness and skills that most people who don't play games have developed quite naturally. By introducing such simple skill based updates, we're hoping to make a genuine difference."

Future gaming DLC with aims to promote gamers awareness of real life situations are:

  • New "How to shower, wash and shave" maps for Uncharted 4
  • A 'blunt rolling' add-on for GTA 5
  • And the slightly more controversial: Trilby/Fedora match-n-swap mini-game in Pokemon.
Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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#1 @ 6 years ago
by crate-receipt272 - Ghost

Have a feeling this sort of piece of garbage might ust take over my entire life.

9 comments, registered 6 years ago
#2 @ 6 years ago
by ethelbonilla13 - Ghost

i don't think this is an approprite subject for mocking. :(

5 comments, registered 6 years ago
#3 @ 6 years ago
by vikram seth - Ghost

ethelbonilla13 wrote

i don't think this is an approprite subject for mocking. :(

who really wrote this - sum1 with chunks missing from there head? there are all sorts of reasons to despise you, and this is one.

8 comments, registered 6 years ago

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Given Time, by Paul London

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