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Froch to fight Rocky in new promo bid

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English professional boxer Carl Froch will today begin a new bid to promote himself to American audiences by suggesting he fights Rocky Balboa in a boxing match some have described as "what?".

The British fighter, sometimes known as The Purple Cobra, while incredibly successful in Britain, and becoming increasingly known and respected around the world, is yet to crack the all important US market. With the help of British media agency "Seriously You Chose Us? Wow!" [SYCUW] Froch is ready to take on one of the world's boxing idols.

"Balboa is one of those truly iconic sporting figures", said SYCUW's Managing Director, Tim Time. "We knew that if we could get him and Froch in a ring together, there would literally be like a trillion people watching it. Ping!" (Tim then threw what he called 'finger pistols' at us, and we suspended the interview.)

That Balboa is a fictional character, and his creator Sylvestor Stallone being in no fit state to professionally box, and Balboa being a different class and weight of boxer, apparently has not yet deterred Froch's team from the dream. Fans, however, are less enthusiastic about the claims.

"What?" said one Facebook user IAmSpartacusDong. "How can this... I mean, it just doesn't... Ellipsis overload!"

The fight, though not confirmed yet by either side, is set to take place in March 2015.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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Given Time, by Paul London

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