Firefighters to be re-termed Fire Response Person

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From 2015, all US firefighters are to re-termed as "Fire Response Persons". This new terminology is to (gently) combat the suggestion that the word 'fighter' is too aggressive to be used in this scenario, and that employees who attends fires in a "put-out" capacity, must feel free to engage their task in a controlled and calm manner.

This new edict follows on from a controversial 1994 guideline which stipulated that the term "fireman" be excised from history, or at least from the casual public's usage. Thousands of books, games, toys and suggestive-calendars were burned in an controlled-ritual in Chicago in the attempt to eradicate the existence of the sexist term, leading to a smog cloud that filled the skies for 2 weeks. This new re-terming is likely to cause similar controversies to that original change.

"It's a bit stupid," said one fire response person in New York, Ladder 17.5. "If I'm on a call, I don't think of myself as male or female; I don't think of myself as a fighter or a responder. But of course, I could have different feelings to everyone else because I do count myself as a cisgendered lovebot."

Future firefighters are already being referenced by the new terminology, and a new shortened version of the term 'FRaP' is likely to become common-usage, even though urban dictionary describes that as a term meaning 'female masturbation'.

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#1 @ 5 years ago

How many biscuit crumbs did it take to write this idiocy?

4 comments, registered 5 years ago
#2 @ 5 years ago
by Bushes Chamois - Quiet veteran


How many biscuit crumbs did it take to write this idiocy?

There are plenty of wonderful stuff on this here interweb, but this is ridiculous. I did not not UN-loathe this.

25 comments, registered 5 years ago
#3 @ 5 years ago
by stitchbadger - Ghost


How many biscuit crumbs did it take to write this idiocy?

this rocks my world. if this doesn't become a meme then the world has gone truly mad.

2 comments, registered 5 years ago

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