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Brazil to ban implants for beauty contests after delegate has horrifying accident on stage

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Brazil is to ban all forms of implants for beauty contests after the butt implants of a delegate representing the state of Bahia in the Miss Brazil 2018 Beauty Pageant, ruptured and she had to be rushed to the hospital during the swimsuit segment of the show. According to a report from the O' Globo Newspaper, Tiazinha Perez had just ascended the stage during the swimsuit competition and was dancing to the music being played. She was just about to proceed to the judging point of the stage where the spotlight was on her when suddenly she appeared to be in excruciating pain and began clutching her buttocks.

"Mi bunda! Mi bunda! It's ruptured! It's ruptured!"

She screamed.

As the audience looked on in horror, Ms. Perez starting crying uncontrollably and dropped to her knees. Fellow contestants and pageant officials rushed to her assistance. The paramedics were called and within minutes they arrived to take the terrified woman to the hospital. The pageant though was cancelled and will be carded for a later date.

Speaking to reporters after the shocking scenes which were broadcast live on Brazilian National TV and on the Internet, President of the Miss Brazil Universe Pageant, João Apollinário said:

"In all my years of doing this show this is the most horrifying scene that I have witnessed. Sure there have been numerous girls who have fallen flat on their faces in the past and some have even fallen flat on their, no pun intended, butts, but, and again no pun intended, to have a girl's butt implants rupture on stage is quite disturbing. I sincerely hope that Ms. Perez makes a full recovery from this painful ordeal and that she will be able to resume her life as normal. That is why because of this incident; no contestants will be allowed to have any form of implants in the future. We had to cancel the show because of this and unfortunately it will have to be rescheduled for a later date which the Miss Brazil Universe Pageant Committee will determine."

Brazilian President Michel Temer, who sat in the VIP Lounge of the Manaus Opera House which hosted the Pageant, as he took in the painful scenes, in an interview with TV Cultura said:

"This unfortunate episode which we just witnessed was both frightening and saddening and I wish that Ms. Perez will come out from this situation with no physical scars or deformities. That said, her experience can only serve as a lesson to all up and coming young beauty queens. It is better to have a natural healthy butt that is flat as a pancake than a fake one which is, quite literally, a pain in the ass."

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