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Diane Kruger under fire for apparently making Nazi salute at photographer

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German Actress Diane Kruger has come under fire for apparently making a Nazi salute at a photographer after she was spotted leaving the office of a renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon. The National Treasure beauty who set men’s hearts racing and their pants raising when she bared her naked derriere playing Helen in Wolfgang Petersen’s 2004 epic Troy was obviously caught off guard but no one was expecting what happened next.

The photographer who says that he is Jewish but who insisted on remaining anonymous, speaking to the tabloid Celebrity Weekly, which published the controversial pic, had this to say:

“I was just standing a couple of metres away opposite the Plastic Surgeon’s office because I know that a lot of stars go there for their little nips and tucks and Lo! and behold who can I see coming out? The blonde chick from Troy and National Treasure - Diane Kruger. I thought to myself that this was my best chance to get a good photo; so I strategically positioned myself to get the shot. Unfortunately she spotted me and obviously embarrassed and upset, raised and stretched out her right arm at me. I managed to get a clean shot as you can see.”

The photographer continued:

“I know that she is German, but this was the last thing I would have expected from her. A Nazi salute? I couldn't believe it. She has definitely lost my respect. I would rather if she had cussed me out than do that to me. She made me really angry. I felt like running up to her and choking her out like in that scene in Inglorious Basterds. This just goes to show the type of difficult job a paparazzi photographer has and what he has to put up with.”

He didn’t mince words as he concluded:

“I sincerely hope that all of her upcoming movies bomb at the box office and that she eventually ends up bankrupt like her National Treasure co-star Nicolas Cage.”

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