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Asian dictator Jeff Un Sum was today exposed to the world as a "stealer of meals". The footage, uploaded to social media network Vine, shows the dictator smiling as he flagrantly takes the meal of a man in his own home, and eats it in front of man's wife.

The 6 second clip shows the dictator eating a spoonful of a rice based meal, then supping from the man's drink while making a mobile phone call. The man simply smiles back while the rest of his family look on in horror. There is no sound in the clip, but internet speculation is that the dictator emits a hearty "harumph" or joy during the proceedings.


Un Sum was earlier this month caught out by paparazzi during one of his famed outdoorshowers, and much has been made in the proceeding months as to whether the photographs showing a small flap of skin in his groin region is, in fact, a penis. While most interested parties suggest it is likely a form of vestigial wang, some have speculated that the dictator is endowed with an extra nose. The condition is rare, and, if true, rather unpleasant considering its placement on the body.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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by thomas hardy - Ghost

Enjoy it. There are many wonderful articles in my life - and this is the most retarded.

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by plantation-wheel152 - Quiet veteran



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Given Time, by Paul London

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