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Euro 2016 to become boxing competition; Russian hooligans to become expert ball jugglers

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The Euro 2016 football tournament has so far been dominated, particularly in the British media, by ugly scenes of British and Russian fans engaged in street and terrace fighting. In response, UEFA, who are in charge of running the shambles, have decided to convert the tournament into a boxing competition instead of soccer. Tim Hookins reported from UEFA headquarters:

"It's quite the shambles here in Shambleton, Austria, UEFA's headquarters. Michel Platini, the current President of UEFA, has issued a statement saying that since football is already the minority sport in France at the tournament, that it might as well be embraced as the former main event. Fighting is now the main focus of the teams already gathered for the ongoing French tournament. The England team's odds have been slashed quicker than the tires of an ex-lover's car."

It is, however, the turnaround from the Russian gang fan-sites that have caught the eye. Organised hooligans are said to be annoyed at Platini's announcement, because it drastically takes away from the fun of the fight. One user, EyeCutYou, said:

"He's only gone and spoiled the whole tournament. I wanted to look proper hard going up against tourists and other innocent people who can't fight, and now it looks like everyone's going to be in on the action. What can we do to carry on being different, chaps?"

The answer came by consensus, from a online poll undertaken on the Russian football hooligan website, which recommended that the most dangerous element of Russia's fighting gangs should take up football.

"It's a clever idea, and quite the switcheroo," said Tim Hookins, "UEFA will, however, no doubt crack down hard on this too. I expect arrests within days for street dribbling and excess soccer skills. To see masked Russian fans juggling balls and doing impressive numbers of keepie-uppies will be quite the spectacle."

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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#1 @ 3 years ago
by No MAtter What - Writer

Snore. Off topc. :)

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by Rail Cobweb7 - One-off wonder

Liked it. I liked this.

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#3 @ 3 years ago
by step-question - Ghost

Rail Cobweb7 wrote

Liked it. I liked this.

That's what she said. I want this printed on a mouse mat.

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by frances hodgson burnett0 - One-off wonder

Rail Cobweb7 wrote

Liked it. I liked this.

Weird. :)

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by digestion orange - Ghost

Rail Cobweb7 wrote

Liked it. I liked this.

Oh for the love of jimbo. Comment's are like ashole's... no, that's not true...

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by drop-sea urchin - Ghost

digestion orange wrote

Rail Cobweb7 wrote

Liked it. I liked this.

Oh for the love of jimbo. Comment's are like ashole's... no, that's not true...

this is absolutely lush. if this doesn't become a meme then the world has gon truly mad.

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Given Time, by Paul London

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