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Facebook video of Polish Christmas market invokes ire of viewers

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A Facebook video of people in a Christmas market in Warsaw, Poland invoked the ire of users because of the lack of diversity. In the video, the Polish people are seen having a good time in the market at night. They are buying gifts and some are seen dressed up in Santa hats singing and making merry. But the fact that there were absolutely no people of colour in the video aggravated some folks.

The video which was posted by user Tim Smith was titled: "Disturbing video of Christmas market in Polish capital."

One user going by the name John Jones commented:

"I am absolutely disgusted by this video. Just look at this. Not one person of colour here. Only white people. It looks like a Trump rally. The Poles are really showing their true colours. Pardon the pun. I guess this is what Trump wants America to look like once again. Thankfully that is not the way this country is going to be and diversity is the future of America. I can't wait for when whites become a minority in this country in the next ten to fifteen years."

Another user named Peter Short said:

"I always thought that Christmas was about different colours which makes things more attractive. Not just one monotone colour. In this case, the plain bland colour white."

Not everyone was critical of the video as Adam Smith responded:

"Wow. A bunch of indigenous Europeans enjoying Christmas celebrations in their own country is what you snowflakes are offended about? I guess it doesn't take much to trigger off you liberals does it? At least they don't have to worry about their safety like being mowed down by a car or blown up at any minute in the name of DIEVERSITY. Have a Merry Liberal Butt-Hurt Christmas."

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