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Indian man arrested for killing cow

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Police in India have arrested and charged a man for killing a cow. The reason he gave for his crime was that he was hungry and was feeling for meat. People in the state of Uttar Pradesh in predominantly Hindu India have reacted with outrage to the news and many are calling for his death. Speaking to the media after the man was caught red-handed in the act of dismembering the poor animal late last night in an abandoned cricket field by Police on a routine patrol; Sgt. Kumar Chopra had this to say:

"We caught the criminal red-handed in the act of dismembering the cow. This was the most atrocious thing that I have ever witnessed. How can he do something so sadistic? Doesn't he realize that it is because of the cow many of us are alive today? Doesn't he know that because of the cow we get milk with which we can make ghee and prepare many of the delicacies that we enjoy? This is probably the most tragic event that has occurred in this country and perhaps the world this year. I am sorry that India doesn't execute criminals for cow-killing otherwise he would have definitely gotten the death penalty."

Scores of outraged villagers took to the streets in protest and called for his death as news of the incident spread. One protester who identified himself only as Satish had this take on the crime which has shocked India. Speaking to the Hindustan Times, Satish said this:

"This doesn't look good on our country. It makes us look like savages. The man who killed that innocent cow is a savage and should be treated as such."

It was then that a non-protester who was standing nearby observing the activities taking place and who identified himself only as Anil and an Atheist responded:

"Does that mean then that the people who kill those two thousand innocent baby girls every day in this country are also savages and should be treated as such?"

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