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Kim Jong Un is the only fat person in North Korea.

Blondes are a minority in Sweden.

If there were no whites in South Africa it would be a post-Apartheid Utopia.

Hungarians and Poles are considered racist for not allowing refugees into their respective countries.

Hungarians and Poles also feel much safer because there are no refugees in their respective countries.

Women in Sweden are more susceptible to rape than women in India.

Socialism hasn't failed in Venezuela. The benefits are just yet to kick in.

The majority of Germans still feel guilty for the Holocaust.

Turks don't feel the same way about the Armenian Genocide.

Raul Castro is viewed by many in the Caribbean, Latin America and even in the United States as a better and more admirable Leader than Donald Trump despite the fact that he is a tyrannical Dictator.

Most Mexicans view Donald Trump as racist for being anti-illegal immigration.

Most Mexicans view Enrique Pena Nieto as being patriotic for being anti-illegal immigration.

CNN and Buzz Feed are considered more reliable news sources than FOX News.

Lauren Southern is a bigger threat to Britain's national security than ISIS militants who have returned from Iraq and Syria.

Japan is too racially and culturally homogeneous.

The biggest threat to world peace is the State of Israel not ISIS, Iran or North Korea

Bernie Sanders would have made a better President than Donald Trump.

London is a safer city than Warsaw and Budapest.

Flooding Western Europe with immigrants from the Third World is beneficial to it because diversity is strength.

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