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Joanna Jedrzejczyk attempts suicide following shocking first round loss at UFC 217

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A report coming out of Joanna Jedrzejczyk's camp says that the dethroned Strawweight Champion was so devastated following her shocking first round loss at the hands of American Rose Namajunas on Saturday night at UFC 217 that she attempted suicide in the dressing room while going through her mandatory doctor's checkup by swallowing an undisclosed amount of one-a-day vitamins and was rushed to a nearby hospital for the pills to be pumped out of her stomach.

The previously unbeaten Polish fighter was floored with a right hand by the underdog Namajunas with only about two minutes gone in the first round before making a minor recovery. However, the attempted comeback was short-lived as Namajunas knocked her down again with a left hook and began pounding her head before the referee intervened to stop the fight as the American who goes by the nickname "Thug" went on to score one of the biggest upsets in Women's UFC history comparable to Holly Holm's dethroning of Ronda Rousey for the Bantamweight Title at UFC 193 two years ago and in the process capture the Strawweight Title.

Speaking to the media today, Jedrzejcyk's coach at American Top Team, Ricardo Liborio had this to say concerning his fighter who suffered the first and most devastating loss so far of her UFC career:

"She was absolutely devastated by this loss. Maybe she thought that this fight was going to be another stroll in the park the same way she defeated Carla Esparza and Jessica Penne. But it appeared that Rose did her homework and came prepared to take the title and that's exactly what she did."

He continued:

"Joanna was absolutely inconsolable in the dressing room. She was devastated. She was saying: "The butch thug Rose got lucky. The butch thug Rose got lucky. It was a lucky punch." She was crying uncontrollably. The doctor and I tried our utmost to calm her down. It was then that she did something that left us stunned. She grabbed a bottle of multivitamin tablets, opened it and swallowed an undisclosed amount. We tried our best to stop her but she is very strong. We tried to do the Heimlich Manoeuvre on her but only a few of the pills came out. She then became unconscious."

Liborio went on:

"She was rushed to the New York Presbyterian Hospital where ER doctors pumped the pills out of her stomach. Thankfully though a tragedy was averted and she's on the road to recovery. All she needs now is some much deserved rest and time to recuperate from the ordeal of losing her title, unbeaten streak and from the blows she suffered at Rose's hands. Unfortunately though the damage her ego suffered tonight may be permanent."

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