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Nation of Turkey to change name

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The nation of Turkey is to officially change its name. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking to AP reporters at a press conference in Ankara said, "We the Turkish people are absolutely fed up of Western countries poking fun at the name of our beloved nation and referring to us as birds. Do we look like birds? Do they know the history of behind the name of our country?"

Erdogan went on to say that his ruling AKP will bring a piece of legislation to Parliament which will require a simple majority to pass in order to officially bring about the name change. The new name of the country will officially be The Islamic Republic of Togarmar.

Some people are not pleased with the intended name change though. This reporter spoke to one Hassan Ilhan- a leading Political Analyst in Turkey who writes a daily column for the leading newspaper Ankara Today. He stated in a telephone conversation, "There are so many things to worry about. Terrorism, the economy, the migrant crisis, our football team potentially exiting the Euros and our President is worried about people making fun of us? Really? Is Mr. Erdogan serious? I didn't know that our President's ego was so brittle."

President Erdogan said the the legislation can come to Parliament as soon as the next sitting on July 1st and that he was looking forward with optimism for the country's name change in so that his country will stop being the butt of jokes from disrespectful Westerners.

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