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Recently the New Oxford American Dictionary gave some new up to date meanings of certain words which I will share with you.

America, n. - Common name for the United States of America. The country which Donald Trump wants to make great again.

Black Lives Matter, n. - A violent Communist group with a perpetual grievance who disrupts political meetings of the GOP.

Clinton, n. - Democratic nominee in the upcoming Presidential Election who was once First Lady, Secretary of State and who is also above the law.

Democrat, n. - A person whose party's symbol is the donkey which they try their utmost to be like.

Election, n. - A democratic process by which a president of a country is chosen and which Donald Trump cannot win come November.

Female, adj. - The only reason why you must vote for Hillary Clinton.

Gun, n. - A weapon which must take full blame whenever there is a mass killing in America. Not the person pulling the trigger.

Hillary, n. - See Clinton.

Immigrant, n. - Someone who can come into your country illegally and get free health care and whose language you must learn to speak.

Jail, n. - A place where Hillary Clinton avoided for using a private email server to share classified information.

Kill, vb. - Something a white cop can legally do to an unarmed black man with his firearm for little or no reason.

Leave, vb. - What Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L. Jackson, George Lopez, Al Sharpton, Jon Stewart, Eddie Griffin, Cher and Raven-Symone will do if Trump wins the Presidency in November.

Marriage, n. - Originally a legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (but is now applicable to two people of the same sex) as partners in a relationship.

New Black Panthers, n. - A radical leftist group who can openly and legally threaten whites without being prosecuted.

Obama, n. - First half-black, half-white President of the United States of America who only identifies with his black side and who it was thought would have helped to improve race relations in America but who has only helped to worsen it. This President is on record as saying that "there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change." Not ISIS.

President, n. - The job both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump want very badly.

Racism, n. - A system of institutionalized oppression and discrimination only whites are capable of.

Sexist, n. - Any man who would not vote for Hillary Clinton in the next Presidential Election.

Trump, n. - Republican Presidential nominee who wants to make America great again but who is viewed by those on the left as racist, sexist, anti-Islamic and xenophobic.

Uterus, n. - Body part of the Democratic Presidential nominee in this year's election. See Female.

Vagina, n. - See Uterus and Female.

Work, vb. - What Black Lives Matter do when they disrupt Trump rallies and block highways.

Xenophobic, adj. - A negative trait of Donald Trump according to those on the left.

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