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North Korean man commits suicide after losing pictures of Dear Leaders in fire

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A report coming out of the Yonhap News Agency says that a young North Korean man has committed suicide by slashing his throat with a shard of broken glass after losing his pictures of the country’s late Eternal President Kim Il- Sung, the late Eternal Chairman Kim Jong-il and current Leader Kim Jong-un, in a fire at his apartment in the nation’s capital of Pyongyang.

According to the story, the fire started in the small single two-bedroom apartment due to an electrical problem while the man and his family were asleep. After being awakened by the smell of smoke and desperate to save his most precious possessions, the man is said to have left his wife and six-year-old son to fend for themselves in the blaze while he frantically searched the apartment for the framed portraits of the Dear Leaders.

Unable to find the pictures and convinced that they were obviously incinerated in the inferno, the distraught man who was initially thought to be lucky to survive the fire, ran out of the apartment crying uncontrollably, paying no consideration to his family who were being burnt alive.

“My pictures! My pictures of my Dear Leaders! They are gone!”

He exclaimed.

“I have let my country and my Dear Leaders down and I don’t deserve to live!”

It was then that the man picked up a shard of broken glass from the ground and slashed his own throat.

Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un was high in praise of the young man’s selfless act of patriotism and devotion to his Dear Leaders and said that with the exception of himself, his great deed was worthy of emulation.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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Given Time, by Paul London

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