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Ronaldo elated at Messi retirement

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Portuguese star player Cristiano Ronaldo has confessed in an interview that he is elated about the retirement of his Argentine rival Lionel Messi from international football. Speaking to the French TV Sports Channel Canal+ Sport after his team defeated Poland 5-3 on penalties in their Euro quarterfinal clash on Thursday after a 1-1 draw in regulation and extra time, the three- time World Player of the Year said:

"I am glad that he failed in a major international tournament final for the third time in as many years and that he won't play for Argentina again. I guess it goes to show that he definitely needs Xavi and Iniesta to help him win. Come on, three straight finals with your national team and you can't win? How many more chances do you need? Perhaps he should have considered playing for Spain. But then again La Furia Roja is no longer the dominant football power they once were. That's why they surrendered their titles just like that." Ronaldo concluded, as he snapped his fingers.

Asked by reporter Claude Lemaire if he thought that that was the right way to speak about a rival player who is revered around the world, the Portuguese Captain responded: "In case you don't know sir, I am also revered around the world and I am having one of the best years of my career right now. This year I am sure that I am going to win the Euro with my country. It is my destiny. The Welsh better be very afraid. Likewise the Germans and the French."

Mr. Lemaire was quick to remind Ronaldo about what happened in 2004 when Portugal went into the final against the unheralded Greeks as the heavy favourites to win despite being beaten by them 2-1 in their opening game.

"Yes yes yes. I know." Ronaldo replied, "but how many people remember Karagoogoo or Car is the ass or whatever their names are? Twelve years later I am still on top of the game."

"You're right Mr. Ronaldo. Not many people remember their names. They do remember that they became European Champions by defeating your team though." Mr. Lemaire responded.

An irate Ronaldo grabbed Mr. Lemaire's mic, threw it into a nearby mud puddle and stormed off fuming.

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by Bat Fink - Writer

I've laughed, I've cried, ive lived... and I've died. But this still beats all those experiences. If this doesn't become a meme then the world has gone truly mad.

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