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YouTube video of German woman avoiding Syrian refugees sparks outrage

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A YouTube video of a young German woman crossing the street to avoid a group of Syrian refugees who were walking in her direction has sparked outrage and accusations of "blatant racism" and "inherent xenophobia." The video which was posted by user Diversity Is Strength and titled Racist German Woman Avoids Syrian Refugees, ignited a huge debate in the YouTube comments section of the user's page.

In the video which was filmed at night time and is only forty-five seconds long with no audio, the young blonde, white woman wearing a grey winter coat and black pants with matching black ankle boots can be seen walking down a street in the German capital of Berlin clutching her handbag as she approaches a group of five Syrian refugee men coming in her direction. One of the men comes closer to her and appears to speak to her but instead of engaging in conversation, the woman quickly crosses the street in order to avoid them. One YouTuber going by the name Europe For Everyone commented:

"Well done Germany on reverting to your Nazi past. Just imagine a poor Syrian refugee can't even engage in a healthy conversation with a German woman without being treated like a potential criminal. This blatant racism and inherent xenophobia has to stop."

One responder to Europe For Everyone going by the YouTube name Make Germany White Again, replied:

"So avoiding potential muggers and rapists is equivalent to Nazism now? Wow! You know for a fact that Germany has gone to the dogs when the sexual cravings and hurt feelings of male foreigners are now more important than the safety and well-being of our own women."

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