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Ronnie Corbett dies; leaves body to nano-science

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Ronnie Corbett, at last count approximately 3 foot 7 inches of fun and games, died yesterday after a short battle. Very short, if the stories are to be believed, though you mustn't believe everything you read in the papers. The funny man, who was probably best known for the partnership he shared with Ronnie Barker, last said 'goodnight' to friends and family in the comfort of his own home. He, at least was comfortable: his last wishes had stipulated that everyone else should sit on spikes.

News has reached us this morning from the estate of the late Corbett, stating that Ronnie has, apparently, left his body to science. Nano-science, to be exact. One is left to imagine an interesting future, in which nanorobots are zooming in and out of your blood stream, all bearing the face of Ronnie Corbett. Lilliputian robotics never looked so interesting. Or quite so short sighted.

Anyway, anyway.

The next few days, week or possibly years are almost certainly going to be filled with retrospectives, analyses, and hour long 'best-of's that will serve only to ensure everyone remembers why Corbett and Co were such comedy legends. We at Laughsend would certainly like to pay our respects.

Thank you.

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