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30 Rock to be rebooted with Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans

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Hit NBC comedy 30 Rock will be re-appearing on our televisual screens this Autumn after receiving a much sought after call to "reboot!" by NBC chairman Nicki Manager. Tina Fey's character Liz Lemon will once again team up with Jack Donaghy, but this time Donaghy will be played by the two-headed Zaphod Beeblebrox like form of Chris "Ginger" Evans and Matt "Joey" LeBlanc.

Fans have taken to the internet to decry the move, stating that it may just destroy not only the future of the show, but also the history of television.

"It's no exaggeration," said FattyBiscuits101, "to say that if Evans and LeBlanc try to reboot 30 Rock, that the world will quite literally end. Cats and dogs, living together - mass listeria!"

Not all fans are against the 30 Rock reboot option, however, with some stating that it's a long time coming. The original series ran for 39 series, a feat only bested by LeBlanc's own hit-show, Joey, but many fans at the time thought it had already seen its best years come and go. By series 17, in which a robotic version of Tracy Jordan attempted to make love to a fuse-box and blew off his johnson, the cast themselves had already been subject to much online ridicule. Daddy McCain, head of Media Studies at Laughingstate University, Texas, said:

"Back then things were different. The internet was a much quieter place, only filled with serious geeks who'd complain that Picard's hat was fancier than Kirk's hat - silly spats like that. Now? There's so much noise and anger about a reboot that's basically nothing like the original other than sharing the name of the show."

30 Rock, which is named after the number of large stones removed from Alec Baldwin's kidneys, is due for relaunch in October 2016.

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