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Arts & Craft store gives in to woman's demand to remove "insensitive" decor

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The Texas branch of Hobby Lobby - a popular arts & craft store, has finally given in to a woman's demand after she made a Facebook post calling a cotton décor display "wrong on so many levels." The woman, Daniell Rider, who is black, took umbrage to the display and posted a message to Hobby Lobby's Facebook page. In the message, Rider wrote:

"This décor is WRONG on SO many levels. There is nothing decorative about raw cotton…A commodity which was gained at the expense of African American slaves.

A little sensitivity goes a long way.


Accompanying the message was a picture of the "offensive" display.

While many Facebook users, both black and white were quick to condemn Ms. Rider for her comments, Hobby Lobby, quite surprisingly, took a different view and had this response to Ms. Rider:

"We read you post on our page Ms. Rider and we absolutely see where you are coming from. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that such a supposedly "innocent" display would ever hurt people the way it did you and probably many other black people. Please accept our humblest apologies and we can guarantee you that the décor will be taken down."

The post continued:

"It is hoped too that by our gesture, other businesses with similar insensitive displays will also follow suit. That is why I am calling on all hardware stores to stop selling dog chains or any kind of chain which may also remind you of the atrocity of what happened to your ancestors. I am also calling on all sex-stores to stop selling bondage kits seeing that the whips would also be somewhat racially-insensitive to someone like you. We hope too that you continue to lobby against these types of businesses which sell these racially-offensive goods."

Hobby Lobby's post ended:

"Good luck in your endeavors Ms. Rider and may we advise you that the next time you go to buy clothes, make sure that you read the tags on them carefully because it may be made of cotton."

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