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Black Lives Matter calls for Heart hit song "These Dreams" to be permanently banned for promoting the "racist White Supremacist notion of white beauty"

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Black Lives Matter has come up with another bizarre and audacious demand. Their latest grievance? That the 1986 Heart hit These Dreams be permanently banned because it promotes the "racist White Supremacist notion of white beauty". In a heated debate with Tucker Carlson via videophone on his show last night, BLM member, Vanessa Green had this to say:

"Well as you know Tucker, the song These Dreams has been around since 1986 and don't get me wrong, it's a very beautiful song and Ann and Nancy Wilson can really sing for white girls."

As Tucker did his now famous facial expressions anytime a guest makes an absurd comment.

She continued:

"But there is a particular line in the song that I as a black woman and BLM member and many other women of color would find quite disturbing and offensive and that is the line where they say:

"White skin in linen perfume on my wrist and the full moon that hangs over these dreams in the mist." "

Green went on:

"That line to me reemphasizes the racist White Supremacist notion of white beauty and that's why we believe that the song should be permanently banned."

As she made the comment Tucker laughed.

"I don't think that's funny Tucker."

Green said angrily.

Tucker retorted:

"Look stop. Did you do any research concerning the song Lisa? Because if you did you would know that the song was not supporting any white supremacist notions at all."

Green tried to reply:

"Listen Tucker……"

Tucker interrupted:

"No, you listen Lisa. If you had only taken your time to at least do some research on the song instead of taking offense to something so trivial you would not have wasted your time and embarrassed yourself on national television like you are doing now."

He went on:

"The song was describing a fantasy world a person enters when facing difficult situations in real life. And Nancy Wilson who did the lead vocals on the song is white so how must she describe herself? So are you telling me that white people describing themselves is somehow racist now? And for you to sit there and support Black Lives Matter's idiotic call for that song to be banned is ludicrous and you are a very sick person."

Green tried to interrupt:

"This is what I can't get with you white p…."


"Okay that's it. I've had enough."

As he cut her off.

Tucker ended the segment by saying:

"Well this is the new America that we live in now people. Everything is racist. I won't be surprised if she's back on this show next week calling for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to be banned for the same idiotic reason too."

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