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Facebook ablaze as popular X-rated website is shut down

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Facebook was ablaze today as the popular X-rated website Porn Hub was shut down. Regular visitors to the site who are accustomed to getting their fill of naughty erotic thrills took to the popular social media website to speak about their frustration. One Facebook user going by the name Horny Pete had this to say about the latest setback for porn lovers:

"I can't believe what the hell I am seeing. Or is it not seeing? Believe it or not people but Porn Hub has been shut down. It's true. Just type it in the web browser and you will get the message: "WARNING: This site has been shut down!" This is no lie. This has to be one of the saddest days ever. What are people like me going to do now? Go out and buy X-rated DVD's? Who does that these days?"

Another user going by the name Johnny Erotic echoed similar sentiments:

"Man this has taken me back years. Now I have to join a damn website and pay for my shit. This is going to put me in extra expense. What a rotten summer it's going to be now. And just up to 3 o' clock this morning it was going so well."

Thankfully though, both Pete and Johnny got some good news as their friend Frank Williams had this to tell them:

"Pete and Johnny, you are aware that there are alternative websites, right?"

As he gave them the names of the other websites.

They were both thankful to Frank. Pete had this reply:

"Thanks a million Frank. You have just saved me thousands of dollars. You are a true friend indeed."

Johnny had this response:

"I don't know what I would do without you Frank. For a moment there I thought that the Chinese or the Iranians had taken over."

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