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George W Bush to take over from Trump on The Apprentice USA

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News today from the political side of the entertainment desk as it appears that George W Bush has put in a formal request with The Apprentice USA's TV executives to become the show's new figurehead. In the event that Trump ascends to Republican Presidential nominee, George Bush Junior wants to be the guy to say "You're Fired!".

The news has generally been met with considerable enthusiasm, with twitter's latest hashtag #BushForApprentice trending high in the charts. User comments so far have also been generally positive, with the majority apparently convinced that the former President is well suited to the task.

"OMG it will be so good. Can you imagine him stumbling over his words while trying to suggest a contestant is an idiot! #irony" said Twitter user DickLongerer123

Trump himself, however, has yet to comment on the news, with sources saying that he's too busy to consider any solid news source to be anything other than rumor mongering. His former PA did, however, tell us to "back off or you'll get it in the kneecaps".

The Apprentice, which has been running on NBC for twenty eight years, fired Trump earlier this year over comments he made over Mexican immigrants. Some have accused NBC of running with the same sort of personality in the event that George Bush does succeed the GOP candidate.

"It's just the wrong way to go," said Sandy Ironman, a self-confessed Social Justice Warrior. "Considering what Bush has said and done in the past, can we really expect him to be any better than Trump? I can imagine him thinking that all arabs are Sand Mexicans, or something. It's an outrage. I demand that every male NBC executive be stripped of his job, unless they are confused about their gender identity, in which case they should be promoted. Argh!"

The Apprentice returns this fall. Maybe.

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