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I hope that the Left will eventually understand that.......

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(1). Someone not agreeing with your political views doesn't make him or her bigoted or racist.

(2). There are only two sexes: male and female.

(3). When a man undergoes a sex change it doesn't make him a woman. It makes him a freak.

(4). Diversity need not necessarily mean diversity of races and cultures. It can also mean diversity of thought.

(5). It is not only white people who can be racist.

(6). Illegal immigration is Illegal; i.e. against the laws of the land and unfair to immigrants who came to the country legally.

(7). Mass migration of the third world into the developed world will eventually transform the developed world into the third world.

(8). Some cultures are better than others.

(9). If it's okay to complain about the Oscars being "so white" then it should also be okay to complain about the NBA being……..well you get the point.

(10). The Russians did not hack the last Presidential Election to make Hillary lose. She lost on her own merit (or lack thereof).

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#1 @ ~ 2 weeks ago
by M_Kidd - One-off wonder

none of that makes any sense. i ca not decide whether i should find out when you are next on holiday, take the week off, find out where you live, and spend a full seven days eating badly, and then shitting on everything you own.

1 comment, registered 1 year ago
#2 @ ~ 2 weeks ago
by dillonkidd - Ghost

Oh shut up.

10 comments, registered 4 years ago
#3 @ ~ 2 weeks ago
by marisol haas-heath7 - One-off wonder

dillonkidd wrote

Oh shut up.

I love this. :)

1 comment, registered 6 months ago

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