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Local Resident Arrested for Sneezing Like a Speeding Train

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In a shocking turn of events, a man has been taken into custody for sneezing too loudly in public. The incident took place inside New York's Central Park where the sneeze could reportedly be heard from two blocks away, causing mass panic among the residents.

Many nearby witnesses felt that the man had intentionally made the obscene noise, with one onlooker commenting, "he sounded like a freight train barreling through the park, it was ridiculous!"

The man, identified as Chuck, was notorious for his over-the-top sneezing fits, often causing quite the spectacle. Some have even dubbed him "The Sneeze King" for the sheer volume of his nose-blowing antics.

Despite attempts to calm the situation, authorities were forced to take action due to the man's blatant disregard for other people's peace and quiet. "We had no choice," explained Officer Johnson. "The noise was causing significant disturbance to the park and surrounding areas."

Many residents are now left to question how this could have been prevented. "If only he had covered his mouth or taken allergy medicine," said one exasperated bystander.

With this latest incident, Chuck's reputation as a public menace has only grown. If you see him coming, be warned: you might want to cover your ears and prepare for the worst.

In response, Chuck was overheard quipping, "I guess I sneezed my way into the big house."

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