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Nestle Selling Specially Packaged Bottles Of Water To Commemorate Last Of California Water Supply

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The Nestle company says that they’re sick of being told they don’t do enough to preserve California’s water supply during terrible drought conditions. This week the company announced plans to change that. Nestle spokesperson Janet Roberts says “Now every bottle of water filled in California will be in specialy labeled packages that encourages the consumer to be mindful of how they use the water.”

Rogers says that consumers should be careful and only use Nestle bottled water to water their lawns a couple times a day. If consumers need to wash their car they may need water than they think. “Remember that a lot of car soap doesn’t wash off the first time. Even though Nestle brand bottled water works the best you still need to makes sure you triple or at least double rinse the car.”

Nestle says that the new packaging will spread awareness about conservation and how it negatively effects the sales of Nestle bottled water. “Conservation is bad for the environment of bottled water sales and we need to make sure that in this economic climate we preserve as much of the market share as possible or our winter bonuses won't pay out” Rogers says.

So readers what will you do to help Nestle survive this drought of inattention?

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