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World famous rock-singer demands Google removes unflattering pictures.

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The musician also took out an injunction which barres us from naming him by name, why he hence forth will be known as Wheel-bearing Tulip.

Googles response to Mr. Tulip's wishes have so far been one of complete surrender and the search-engine is now actively hiring staff to comply with the singers demands. “The size of the task is simply daunting.” said one programmer. “Just try to imagine how many pictures have been posted online showing him in front of the band which cannot be named.

The Ac/Dc singer seems hell bent on cutting all ties to the past and previous achievements, as Laughsend learned, the search-engine isn’t the only one being threatened with legal actions. Also ordinary fans have felt the singers wrath. We talked to committed Metal and Pothead Dwight. Just. Dwight about his experiences with Mr. Tulip. “Well, it was kinda late when I returned home from a night out. I dropped my keys on the patio and kneeled down to get them. When I got back up; he'd materialized out of thin air and was standing right in front of me, all wild-eyed and cornrowed. First I didn’t recognize the fat bastard, but then he told me who he was and that he wanted me to hand over all memorabilia with images of Wrenches & Tulips. Posters, mugs, ironing-board, everything.”

Wheel-bearing Tulip has not been available for a comment, but Laughsend will continue to follow and describe this draconian abuse of power no matter how tight the restrictions.

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