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Comment from: Sound Guy Discovers Turning Everything Up On Equaliser Makes Music Sound Perfect

#2 @ ~ 1 week ago
by chin clocks - Ghost


This seems spurious. But then I'm not a magic 8 ball. People win awards for all sorts of things. Not relevant right now, but good information to have, I feel.


4 comments, registered 2 years ago

Comment from: Afghanistan to start new Buzkashi League in 2017

#8 @ 2 months ago
by chin clocks - Ghost

Walrus-Carpenter888 wrote


bollocks. if i give you sum money, will you go away?

4 comments, registered 2 years ago

Comment from: White girl apologizes for doing twerking videos

#2 @ 6 months ago
by chin clocks - Ghost

i'm here all week. meh.

4 comments, registered 2 years ago

Comment from: Tax cheats set to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge, in new reality television dodgeball show

#9 @ 10 months ago
by chin clocks - Ghost

slumdog millionaire0 wrote

sheet-bird153 wrote

whatevr? adequate.

There is nothing more offputting than people spouting about items they clearly know nothing about. I didn't see this because it neither offended nor excited me. I also make obvious comment's in real life.

none of that makes any sense. :(

4 comments, registered 2 years ago

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